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For GDP per hour worked the USA ranks 7th out of 30

Decline of the USA     (Al Jazeera’s review)  

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Al Jazeera –full review
Fullbrook’s book reminds us that there’s a rational order in the world – that countries can learn from one another’s experience in tackling social problems and challenges, and that by striving to match what already works elsewhere, they can make their own countries better.

  1. C. Rademaker
    August 27, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Which means the more successful US states still blow that tiny collection of small nations out of the water.

    I don’t think this is convincing. It hinges on obscuring the fact that the US data aggregates an average over an enormous number of people, while smaller nations aggregate over fewer people and thus end up looking more extreme on various metrics. If you then handpick your small nations in a comparison, obviously some end up beating the US.

    I opine that the honest thing to conclude is that income is still the US’ main forte when compared to similarly large aggregates of population, despite that there are some tradeoffs on other measures of well being.

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