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Students rethinking economics

Students at the London School of Economics have organized for this coming a weekend a rather large 3-day conference on Rethinking Economics.   I am posting below the conference agenda, not with the illusion that this event is within easy geographical reach of most of this blog’s readership, but rather as an example of the sort of initiative that economics students around the world can take and increasingly are taking.

Rethinking Economics: London
Fri 28th June – Sun 30th June, London School of Economics
a conference to demystify, diversify and reinvigorate economics for imaginative citizens, students, academics, and professionals, including those with no previous training in economics to launch a collaborative network of economic rethinkers

Book workshops now to avoid disappointment: http://www.rethinkecon.co.uk/#!tickets/c1tbo

To be opened by

Ha-Joon Chang (University of Cambridge, Reader in the Political Economy of Development; author of Kicking Away The Ladder)

Diane Coyle OBE (Director, Enlightenment Economics; author of “The Economics of Enough”)

Follow the conference at:    https://www.facebook.com/rethinkecon  and https://twitter.com/rethinkecon

Friday 28th June: Main Building, Birkbeck College

Ha-Joon Chang: Keynote: One or Many Schools of Economics? 1.30-3pm

Tol, Hepburn & Hahn: Roundtable: What should Britain’s climate policies be – and why? 3.30-5pm

Government Behavioural Insights Team: Workshop: Behavioural Economics in Policy. 3.30-5pm

Diane Coyle: Keynote: How Should We Teach Economics? 5.30-6.30pm

Gabriel Palma: The global financial crisis: a mere ‘market failure’, or a catastrophic failure of unregulated markets? 6.45-8pm

Saturday 29th June: New Academic Building, London School of Economics

Victoria Chick: Talk: The banking crisis in the UK: an evolutionary view. 10.30-11.30am

Jubilee Debt Campaign: Workshop: The debt and austerity cycle: Taking lessons from the history of crises. 10.30-11.30am

Alan Kirman: Talk: How Crises Emerge from Economic Interaction. 12-1pm

LUNCH provided by Rethinking Economics

Mandler, Gold & Bradley: Roundtable: What is economic rationality and should you believe in it? 2-3.30pm

Sigle-Rushton & Perrons: Discussion: Crisis, Austerity, and Economic Methodology: Feminist Reflections. 4-5.30pm

Latsis, Lawson, Ietto-Gillies & Martins: Roundtable: Doing Economics outside the mainstream. 4-5.30pm

Raworth & Kennet: Discussion: Putting the planet back in the picture: the rise of ecological economics. 6-7pm

DRINKS RECEPTION provided by Rethinking Economics

Film screening of “Secret City”: an award-winning documentary about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the financial crisis. 7.30-9pm

Sunday 30th June: Old Building, London School of Economics

Vassilis & Pischke: Talk: Empirical economics: gloom or glamour? 11.30am-12.30pm

LUNCH provided by Rethinking Economics

Chris Brooke: Talk: Pivotal moments in the history of economics. 1.30-2.30pm

Shmoney, Streetbank, Ilana Taub, Brett Scott, and Brixton Pound: Workshop: Experiments and Alternatives to Capitalism. 3-4pm

Positive Money: Workshop: The potential for money to be created for the common good. 3-4pm

CLOSING WORKSHOP: Connecting up our Rethinking strategies. 4-4.45pm

With an international group of representatives from the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s Young Scholars Initiative, Rethinking Economics Tübingen (Germany), and more

CLOSING PLENARY: How can we Rethink Economics together? 5-6pm

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