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Zundagoavend blues (songs in the other North Sea dialects)

Too many articles are written about the USA economy, not enough about other countries. Same holds for music. Too much attention goes to Anglosaxon musicians. To make up for this I’ll post some signature songs from bands singing in the other North sea area dialects. A difference can be made between the softer and more ‘Anglo’ dialects, like Frisian, Dutch or Danish and the more guttural Saxon dialects, which are especially suited to rock music (nothing can however beat this grunting). The series is named after the signature song of a two man band singing in the Groningen dialect,’Zundagoavend blues’ (sunday evening blues). Later, we’ll move on to other parts of the globe.

Sunday evening. November. It’s raining. You, a young student, are hitchiking back to Town and to life, which is Groningen city. But you’re standing on a country road in the middle of flat, wet, grey, deserted clay soils. Cars don’t come, don’t stop, take you to, if possible, more desolated places or even to ‘Club Taboo’…

  1. Ken Zimmerman
    January 6, 2014 at 2:31 am

    Great post. I listen to this music and love it. Glad someone has made a point of noting the real ways of life that underlie economic actions.

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