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Link of the day. A comprehensive database on fossil fuel subsidies

On this blog, Garret Connelly warns us about the unsustainable nature of our economic development model. See also this article by Asad Zaman, ‘Evaluation the costs of growth‘. The world of course still needs billions of cheap, cosy, high quality, energy producing (here India solar cell supply side data), sewage treating ( Individual Home Sewage Treatment technology data ) and (Haïti) drinking water producing houses, which means: additional production. But we only have one planet. Which is not just threatened by growth as such – but even by enormous (at this moment about $ a year, which makes $ 150,– per human a year) and rapidly rising fossil fuel subsidies. Radek Stefanski, on Voxeu, is the first to make an estimate of total explicit and implicit subsidies. Abolishing these subsidies would lead to (much) less CO2 production – and more, somewhat cleaner, growth…

No comprehensive database of directly measured fossil-fuel subsidies exists at the international or the sub-national level, yet subsidies may be crucial drivers of global carbon emissions. This column describes a novel method for inferring carbon subsidies by examining country-specific patterns in carbon emission-to-output ratios, known as emission intensities. Calculations for 155 nations from 1980-2005 reveal that fossil-fuel price distortions are enormous, increasing, and often hidden. These subsidies contributed importantly to increasing emissions and lower growth.


  1. May 30, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Thanks to Garret Connelly ! This is the perfect companion to Ethical Markets’ Green Transition Scoreboard(r) totaling private investments in solar, wind , energy efficiency ,water and all truly green sectors worldwide since 2007 . Latest is $5.3 trillion (2014) at http://www.greentransitionscoreboard.com

  2. May 31, 2014 at 7:30 am

    The first link leads to Geoff Davis ‘Sack the Economists’. Idk, but Garret Connelly seems to be misplaced.

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