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Map of the day : the world’s billionairs

from David Ruccio


This map of the world’s billionaires—all 2,325 of them (an all-time record high), with a total wealth of $7.3 trillion (which is higher than the market capitalization of all the companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average)—comes from the new census by Wealth-X and UBS

  1. Ack Nice
    September 29, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    meanwhile, according to World Bank insider Lant Pritchett, 88% of humanity exists in poverty:


    and then there’s this to consider, too:


    from that very short article:

    The super rich, the less than 1 percent of the population who own the lion’s share of the nation’s wealth, go uncounted in most income distribution reports.

    All such reports about income distribution are based on U.S. Census Bureau surveys that regularly leave Big Money out of the picture. A few phone calls to the Census Bureau in Washington D.C. revealed that for years the bureau never interviewed anyone who had an income higher than $300,000. Or if interviewed, they were never recorded as above the “reportable upper limit” of $300,000, the top figure allowed by the bureau’s computer program.

    Media publicity that focuses exclusively on a handful of greedy top executives conveniently avoids any exposure of the super rich as a class.

    Indeed, most of the really big money is inherited — and by a portion of the population that is so minuscule as to be judged statistically inaccessible.

    That top 0.25 owns more wealth than the other 99 percent combined.

    For years now, as the wealth of the few has been growing, the number of poor has been increasing at a faster rate than the earth’s population.

    (The rest is at the link of course)

    We humans could invest in Fairpay Justice and reap the biggest-ever dividends for all of humanity. Fairpay Justice waits in the wings, ever-prepared to bestow great economic, social, and psychological riches upon our entire species. But alas it seems we utterly lack the self-respect required to demand equal pay for equal sacrifice to working.

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