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The new Greek list of reforms. Good.

I’ve read the list with the Greek reforms.

1) It’s so much better than the Cyprus ‘save the creditors and abolish the siësta‘ Memorandum of Understanding

2) one recurrent theme: we’ll stop the looting of the state (tax evasion, a more efficient government, no fire sales of government property etcetera, implementing already introduced (tax-)laws, finishing the cadastral survey, more efficient and honest banks, a more targeted system of welfare).

3) Doing business will become a little easier

4) The weak and vulnerable will be protected a little better – in the end at the detriment of the creditors. THIS IS ABOUT MALNUTRITION AND EVEN HUNGER, AND HEALTH CARE FOR POOR CHILDREN. Time has already run out on this one.

Point 4 will of course make the list hard to swallow for Brussels.

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