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Dr Schäuble’s Plan for Europe: Do Europeans approve? – Article to appear in Die Zeit on Thursday 16th July 2015

from Yanis Varoufakis

Pre-publication summary: Five months of intense negotiations between Greece and the Eurogroup never had a chance of success. Condemned to lead to impasse, their purpose was to pave the ground for what Dr Schäuble had decided was ‘optimal’ well before our government was even elected: That Greece should be eased out of the Eurozone in order to discipline member-states resisting his very specific plan for re-structuring the Eurozone.

  • This is no theory.
  • How do I know Grexit is an important part of Dr Schäuble’s plan for Europe?
  • Because he told me so!

I wrote this article not as a Greek politician critical of the German press’ denigration of our sensible proposals, of Berlin’s refusal seriously to consider our moderate debt re-profiling plan, of the European Central Bank’s highly political decision to asphyxiate our government, of the Eurogroup’s decision to give the ECB the green light to shut down our banks.

I wrote this article as a European observing the unfolding of a particular Plan for Europe – Dr Schäuble’s Plan.

And I am asking a simple question of Die Zeit’s informed readers:

  • Is this a Plan that you approve of?
  • Do you consider this Plan good for Europe?
  1. Chris
    July 14, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    This cruel and self-defeating plan has crossed the line and is a virtual declaration of war. It is not in the interests of greater Europe or Greece, and it gives Greece a rationale for exiting the Eurozone that it has not had before. Until now Greece would have looked selfish and irresponsible for simply leaving the zone, but now no rational person could blame them if they left. The plan offers no realistic hope whatsoever of eventual recovery for the Greek economy at the same time that it forces Greece to give up its national sovereignty in many areas. I hope the Greek government will stand tall and exit from the Eurozone as soon as possible and begin the long road to recovery following the example of Argentina. No one who believes in democracy and national sovereignty could blame them.

    It is the incompetent and anti-democratic Dr Schauble who does not understand the true meaning or value of European unity or of dynamic, widespread economic growth. In order to help protect Europe and the EU from Dr Schauble and similar benighted, self-centered bureaucrats, I urge Greece to leave the Eurozone.

  2. July 14, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    This looks interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_Sch%C3%A4uble, also some details via the link to a party financing scandal.

    “Some quarters of the CDU and CSU wanted to put Schäuble forward as their candidate for the office of German President, the largely ceremonial head of state, at the beginning of March 2004, due to his extensive political experience. In spite of support from the Premiers of Bavaria (Edmund Stoiber (CSU)) and Hesse (Roland Koch (CDU)),[citation needed] Schäuble did not receive the party’s nomination in the end because CDU leader Angela Merkel, other CDU politicians and the liberal FDP party spoke out against him. This was because the election contributions scandal involving Schäuble that first came to light in late 1999 had never been entirely resolved.[citation needed]

    “After the CDU was defeated in the 1998 federal election, Schäuble succeeded Helmut Kohl as chairman of the CDU. Only 15 months later,[10] he resigned from this post as well as from the leadership of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in 2000 in the wake of the party financing scandal, over the acceptance of cash donation over DM 100,000 contributed by the arms dealer and lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber back in 1994.[11] Schäuble’s resignation initiated a generational change among the Christian Democrats, with Angela Merkel taking over as CDU leader and Friedrich Merz as chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.[10][12][12][13]

    “Ahead of the 2005 elections, Angela Merkel included Schäuble in her shadow cabinet for the Christian Democrats’ campaign to unseat incumbent Gerhard Schröder as chancellor. During the campaign, Schäuble served as Merkel’s expert for security and foreign policy.[14]
    “Following the elections, Schäuble was mentioned as potential candidate for the office of Federal Minister of Defense.[15] In the subsequent negotiations to form a coalition government, however, he led the CDU/CSU delegation in the working group on interior policy; his co-chair from the SPD was Brigitte Zypries.[16] Once the new government was formed, Schäuble once again became Minister of the Interior, this time in the Grand Coalition under Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    “Between 2007 and 2009, Schäuble was one of 32 members of the Second Commission on the modernization of the federal state, which had been established to reform the division of powers between federal and state authorities in Germany”.

    So much for Christian democracy. Sound like this Schäuble is more into arms dealer imperialism, which doesn’t say much for Angela Merkel’s choice of advisors. They seem to think their authority in Germany extends to the whole EU, and it is about time people (I for one) started telling them it doesn’t.

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