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Miscellaneous Links. Migrants, Mongolia, deforestation, seventies.

  1. In 2014 Morgan Knibbe (nephew in the nth degree) made the documentary ‘shipwreck Lampedusa‘, about the aftermath of the capsizing of a ship with migrants in the Mediterranean. The documentary is as brutal as ever. The text accompanying it is however hopelessly outdated: íf the problem was still only that small!

‘Over the weekend of April 18th and 19th, an estimated number of between eight hundred and nine hundred people, migrants and asylum seekers that had set off from Lybia, drowned in the Mediterranean. The were packed onto a single boat that capsized. Each year, roughly twenty thousand people set out to cross the Mediterranean

in small boats, after having payed large sums of money to human traffickers. And every year, thousands die because of shipwrecks. In October, 2013 more than three hundred people drowned off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. Dutch filmmaker Morgan Knibbe was present with his camera, and shot a mesmerizing short film, called SHIPWRECK LAMPEDUSA which shows the immediate aftermath of the disaster. The visual style of the film is particularly striking; the camera moves and floats, in a ghost-like manner, while one of the few survivors, Abraham, recalls his memories in a whispering voice. Meanwhile, relatives mourn in the harbor, and police try both to maintain order and hide their emotions, while coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.’

2) The number of asylum seekers in the EU has increased with about 400%, in Germany 29% of asylum seekers are younger than 18. According to Eurostat, in July 71% were male and in August 75%.

3) in Borneo deforestation is proceeding even more rapidly than in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

4) According to the ILO, Mongolia, poor and one of the sparsest populated countries of the world, has a highly effective and efficient system of social security.

5) I’ve been home for some days with a strained knee. Despite loads of nostalgia (they played several times at my high school) Alquin is still not my cup of tea. But no other band I know captures the spirit of the seventies as well. But here is Planxty in 1973

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