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New approaches to geopolitical economy

The multipolarity of the 21st century demands new approaches to understanding the evolution of the world economy. The four linked papers below are examples of the new work now being done.  These papers are open-access until next Saturday.   After that the volume they appear in will cost you $135 or £78.  So click away.

The Collapse of ‘The International Imagination’: A Critique of the Transhistorical Approach to Uneven and Combined Development
Sébastien Rioux

Expanding Geopolitical Economy: A Critique of the Theory of Successive Hegemonies
James Parisot

Gross Domestic Power: Geopolitical Economy and the History of National Accounts
Jacob Assa

 Geographies of Capital Accumulation: Tracing the Emergence of Multi-polarity, 1980–2014
Paul Kellogg

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