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Real-World Economics Review Blog viewer statistics for 2015

from Edward Fullbrook

I read that Blog World, in terms of viewer statistics, has been in a state of rapid collapse for several years now. But not the Real-World Economics Review Blog.  For the past four years its annual number of page views has been around 450,000.  In 2015 there have been 446,520 views, up slightly from the previous year.  To put that figure in some kind of a perspective, it is nearly half the number of downloads in 2015 of individual papers and whole issues of the Real-World Economics Review.

Here is a linked list the of the ten most viewed posts published in 2015.

10.  As it happened – Yanis Varoufakis’ intervention during the 27th June 2015 Eurogroup Meeting
Yanis Varoufakis

9. Randall Wray attacks “debt-free-money cranks” based on sloppy arguments
Norbert Häring

8. Hicks abandoned IS-LM 35 years ago. Now it’s time for Krugman!
Lars Syll

7. Economists pretending to know
Lars Syll

6. The Schauble piece in the New York Times: ignorant and wrong about the economic facts
Merijn Knibbe

5. A detailed program proposal for creating a parallel currency in Greece
Trond Andresen and Robert W. Parenteau

4. Larry Summers — ‘New Keynesian’ economics needs to be replaced
Lars Syll

3. Germany is bluffing on Greece
Mark Weisbrot

2. Piketty’s response to Mankiw et al.: “and some consume academics.”
David Ruccio

1. Key member of Swedish Academy of Sciences calls for immediate suspension of the “Nobel Prize for Economics”
Edward Fullbrook

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