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Links. The importance of jobs.

Arna Vardardottir on Voxeu: “One of the many impacts of the Global Crisis was on stress levels, and these can be a risk factor for adverse birth outcomes. This column shows that exposure to the Crisis resulted in a significant reduction in the birth weight of babies in Iceland, comparable in size to the effect of smoking during pregnancy. The full costs of poor health at birth as a result of the Crisis will not materialise until the children exposed in utero become adults

Mathieu Couttenier, Veronica Preotu and Mathias Thoenig on Voxeu: “The refugee crisis that erupted in 2015 has raised concerns about potential violence and criminality of the migrants. This column investigates whether past exposure to conflict makes asylum seekers in Switzerland more violent. The findings show that cohorts exposed to civil conflicts/mass killings during childhood are, on average, 40% more prone to violent crimes than their co-nationals born after the conflict. Certain policies can mitigate this result. In particular, offering labour market access to asylum seekers eliminates all the effect

From the ILO: “GENEVA (ILO News) – More than half of domestic workers worldwide still do not have any legal right to weekly limits on working hours. The International Labour Organization (ILO) is now advocating to ensure the right to sufficient rest for domestic workers. A ILO fact sheet shows the grim reality faced by many domestic workers throughout the world, regarding time spent working. It especially focuses on the difficult conditions experienced by live-in domestic workers who, in some countries, work more than 60 hours per week with no legislation regulating their right for adequate rest. ILO experts stress the negative impacts on health for domestic workers working excessively long hours with little or no rest, sometimes combined with insufficient and interrupted sleep. They note research showing it can lead to the increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression, to mention only a few.”

Having a job is more important for happiness than your income (but health, a spouse and friends are even more important, in Dutch).

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