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Shunting the train of economics onto a relevant and realist track

Syll-blueOne of the major problems of economics, even today, is to establish an empirical discipline that connects our theories and models to the actual world we live in. In that perspective I think it is necessary to replace both the theory and methodology of the predominant neoclassical paradigm. Giving up the neoclassical creed does not mean that we will have complete theoretical chaos.

The essence of neoclassical economic theory is its exclusive use of a deductivist Euclidean methodology. A methodology – which Arnsperger & Varoufakis [2006:12] calls the neoclassical meta-axioms of “methodological individualism, methodological instrumentalism and methodological equilibration” – that is more or less imposed as constituting economics, and, usually, without a smack of argument. Hopefully this book will manage to convey the need for an articulate feasible alternative – an alternative grounded on a relevant and realist open-systems ontology and a non-axiomatic methodology where social atomism and closures are treated as far from ubiquitous.

Lars Pålsson Syll


  1. April 23, 2016 at 6:23 am

    Lars, You do an essential job in pointing out still more of the flaws in the neoclassical model but there is a risk that most economics professors and lecturers will simply refuse to read your work (or Steve Keen’s). I do not intend to criticize your text when I suggest that people without some economic education won’t know what you are writing about. My book http://www.transactionpub.com/title/Economics-versus-Reality-978-1-4128-6251-6.html is an attempt to get to people without any formal economics education but real concerns about the problems facing society and small and medium enterprises. I would value your opinion of my book and if appropriate, your suggestion as to how I might bring it to my audience more effectively.

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