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CEO-to-worker pay ratios in the US

from David Ruccio


The United States’ top 500 chief executive officers managed to capture 335 times the average worker’s wage last year, taking home $12.4 million on average, according to a new report by the AFL-CIO. That average CEO pay was a whopping 819 times the wage of a worker earning the federal minimum wage.

Here’s the list of the top 25 CEOs by pay—from Joe Kiani of Massimo Corp (at more than $199 million) to Jeff Immelt of GE (at just under $33 million):


  1. May 22, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    And Jonas Salk’s annual salary never exceeded $100,000. While today research scientists at National and private laboratories earn about $113,000 on average. And these folks actual provide discernible benefits for people and the world. Even if this is increased 10-fold to $1,000,0000, CEO salaries still dwarf this figure. Any market that supposedly justifies such discrepancies needs to be shut down as dysfunctional and harmful to public welfare. If “market-lovers” can not use market mythology to justify such high CEO pay what do they use to justify it?

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