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Engaging students in the WEA Online Conference on CAPITAL and JUSTICE

from Maria Alejandra Madi

The WEA Online Conferences format, designed by Edward Fullbrook and Grazia Ietto-Gillies, makes full use of the digital technologies in the pursuit of the commitments included in the World Economics Association Manifesto: plurality, competence, reality and relevance, diversity, openness, outreach, ethical conduct, and global democracy. The WEA On-line Conferences seek to also engagegraduate and undergraduate students considering: (a) the variety of theoretical perspectives; (b) the range of human activities and issues which fall within the broad domain of economics; and (c) the study of the world’s diverse economies.

The current conference is CAPITAL ACCUMULATION, PRODUCTION AND EMPLOYMENT:Can We Bend the Arc of Global Capital Toward Justice?  It is being led by distinguished professors Gerson Lima and Jack Reardon. This conference focuses on various aspects of global accumulation, production and employment from a broader perspective of examining their interlinkages with other economic, social, and political processes. Concerns with social inclusion extend well beyond purely economic account of justice and fairness, since the degree of economic inequality also affects social cohesion and political stability, and can also have negative implications for economic growth and democratic institutions. Considering the current social and economic challenges, Peter Radford has suggested the need to constrain capital and make it work for all people. In his own words: ‘We can bend the arc of capitalism to our will if we wish”.

In truth, this conference calls for a deep examination of current power, politics and economics in a social context where democratic institutions are being threatened.  read more

  1. David Chester
    May 23, 2016 at 8:55 am

    Economics and justice fit together when certain aspects are included. By economics in this context we mean about how our society is organized (deliberately or naturally) into a system having active members. And by justice we mean social justice where the moral aspect of giving equal opportunities for rights to work, educate etc., are properly shared.

    One way to achieve this is to stop the hoarding and speculation of land and its growing values, which rightly should be communal property (since its value is created by population density). This can be achieved with a taxation regime which takes the ground-rent as a single tax and discontinues all the rest of the production-based theft of governments who mean to do good and don’t even do well!

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