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Links. Females and values edition.

Stamps are money. And as such often adorned with the heads of presidents. A sign of the times: nowadays also with the heads of super models (Anton Corbijn meets Doutzen Kroes edition, both live up to expectations).

The core neoliberal value: companies and markets first, families second. Which explains the absence of involuntary unemployment from neoclassical macro models. But this value is also bad for the health of young children

The core free choice value of western society (maybe with exception of the rich) is the free choice of your spouse. A good thing? Fali Huang, Ginger Zhe Jin and Lixin Colin Xu find the next results: 

“While parental matchmaking has been widespread throughout history and across countries, we know little about the relationship between parental matchmaking and marriage outcome… parental involvement in matchmaking is associated with having a more submissive wife, a greater number of children, a higher likelihood of having any male children, and a stronger belief of the husband in providing old age support to his parents. These benefits, however, are achieved at the cost of less marital harmony within the couple and lower market income of the wife.”

Japanese unemployment. I expect that the first local signs of rising wages are already visible, these local hotspots will contaminate the rest of the country. P.S. – japanese unemployment is less than one third of the Eurozone rate.


Japanese demographics. Not too many youngsters. I was not familiar with the camel-like shape. Considering the fact that the female participation rate, though rising, is not yet high I do not see any real problems with pensions in the near future. Average productivity in Japan is also still not too high and might be increased. Immigration is of course always an option. Source: the Japanese Office of official statistics.



Aside: checked @realDonaldTrump today. He went ballistic over Malicia Machado trhee days after the debate which, considering that he was lured into this by a cunning plan from HC, gives ‘hook, line and sinker’ a new meaning. It’s Hillaryous – but frightening too.

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