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For the first time since 1964 Russian male life expectancy reached a new record


For a kind of prediction of the 1947 mortality crisis you will find a march 1947 article by Ernest Germain published by the fourth international here (I love the internet). Basically, the exhaustion of war time stocks (during the war partly provided by the 1943 United Nations Relief and Rehabiliation Administration), the horrible losses of people manpower suffered during the war, the dislocation and loss of production capacity caused by the war and a terrible drought in 1946 caused a subsistence crisis in 1947. Jeffrey Sachs defends his neoliberal shock therapy policies (albeit with debt reduction), which he describes here, in this piece. Chinese gradualism of course led to superior results compared with the Big Bang shock policies which Sachs defends – but at this time China was not crumbling as a state.

  1. anobserver
    November 2, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Other curious observations:

    1) Concerning males: life expectancy peaked in 1964, and then (after Brezhnev took over) started a long decline till 1985, when it went up again (when Gorbashev took over).

    2) After the 1990s reforms, male life expectancy was up to 14 years lower than female life expectancy, and only started to catch up slowly from about 2005 onwards.

  2. November 3, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Some history might help. The USSR when in collapsed in 1990 had been at war (hot and cold) continually for 50 years. When the USSR’s fight in WWII began, it was just recovering from the Revolution of 1917-1922, which included an invasion by the UK and US. And even when the Revolution began Russia was 50 years behind the US and UK in terms of industrial and scientific development. Its involvement in WWI had inflicted 2,000,000 military deaths and over 1.5 million civilian deaths. In fact, the only major nation involved in WWI that did not suffer high death rates from battle, disease, and accidents was the US. And moreover, the USSR’s political system involved even more uncertainty than that of the US. All this together inhibited developments in health care and sanitation, as well sufficient nutrition. These also lead to housing shortages and few household devices such as clothes washers/dryers, cleaners, air conditioning, computers, etc. Add to this the extreme weather in many parts of the USSR/Russia. The life span expectations depicted are not so surprising when you consider all of this. Jeffrey Sacks, foolish man determined that these things could be fixed/overcome if Russia after 1990 just redesigned it way of life (culture) to follow American examples in markets and finance. The differences in weather, history, and initial starting points make this impossible. Thus, the cultures of the two nations are radically different. For example, the level of paranoia of Russians rivals that in Israel. And for much the same reasons. Russia has been invaded more than 80 times in its history, including two German invasions before WWII. Sacks was not aware of any of this. And likely would not have considered it relevant had he known about it. After all, American economics is the cure for every “poorly performing” economy.

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