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new issue of Real-World Economics Review

June 27, 2017

real-world economics review
Issue no. 80 
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Inequality, democracy and the ecosystem

Politics, preferences, and prices: the political consequences of inequality          2
Luke Petach          download pdf

The triumph of Pareto          14
Gary Flomenhoft          download pdf

Do we need a new economics for sustainable development?          32
Peter Söderbaum         download pdf

From green growth towards a sustainable real economy          45
Jørgen Nørgård and Jin Xue          download pdf


Split-circuit reserve banking – functioning, dysfunctions and future perspectives          63
Joseph Huber          download pdf

The coming revolution in political economy          85
Tim Di Muzio and Leonie Noble          download pdf

Keynesian issues

Derivation of involuntary unemployment from Keynesian microfoundations          109
Philip George          download pdf

Asymmetric price adjustment: the missing link in Keynesian macroeconomics          121
Victor Beker          download pdf


Chinese economics as a form of ethics          148
Kazimierz Poznanski           download pdf

A brief history of Pakistan’s economic development          171
Muhammad Iqbal Anjum and Pasquale Michael Sgro          download pdf        

Review essays

Negating 1984: Michael Hudson’s antidote to doublespeak in economics          179
Jamie Morgan          download pdf

Deserving economics          186
Peter Radford          download pdf

A note

Trade imbalances are undesirable          193
Leon Podkaminer          download pdf

Board of Editors, past contributors, submissions and etc.          197

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