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More papers from WEA online conference – Economic Philosophy: Complexities in Economics

Complexity in the theory of economic evolution of Thorstein Veblen: an introduction
João Vitor Oliveira da Silva
Thorstein Veblen is a classic author, recognized for his writings on institutions and economic change. The complexity perspective, on the other hand, is a relatively contemporary approach for studying a considerable range of phenomena both in natural and social sciences. …
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The evolutionary dimension of Hayek’s thought: cultural selection and spontaneous order
Loranna Buzzo
The project’s basic axis the notion of order and cultural evolution by selection at the thought of Hayek. However, to highlight this aspect was necessary to analyze many other aspects of his work, as well as enter in the literature …
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Autonomous agents and economic complexities: a philosophical excursion
Greg Hill
This paper develops a conception of autonomous agents who, lacking the ready-made and complete list of possible states afforded their DSGE counterparts, must envision their own ―state space.‖ Such agents can and must do more than perform constrained optimization exercises; …
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Complexity and Economics
Victor A. Beker
Nobody will discuss that the economy constitutes a very complex system. The traditional approach to understanding it has been to reduce complexities to simple rules and behaviors, abstracting of many features of the real economy. An alternative to reductionism consists …
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