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issue no. 88 of real-world economics review

real-world economics review
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Issue no. 88 
​​​​​​​10 July 2019
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Make-believe empiricism

  • Is econometrics relevant to real world economics?
    Imad A. Moosa          download 
  • The fiction of verifiability in economic “science”
    Salim Rashid          download 
  • Nominal science without data – the artificial Cold War content of Game Theory and Operations Research
    Richard Vahrenkamp          download 
  • Real GDP: the flawed metric at the heart of macroeconomics
    Blair Fix, Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler          download 
  • Realism and critique in economics: an interview with Lars P. Syll
    Lars P. Syll and Jamie Morgan          download

Digital currency. Design principles to support a shift from bankmoney to central bank digital currency
Joseph Huber           download

Economics and the shop floor: reflections of an octogenarian
Robert R. Locke          download

Can redistribution help build a more stable economy?
Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Michalis Nikiforos, and Gennaro Zezza          download

What can economists and energy engineers learn from thermodynamics beyond the technical aspects?
Abderrazak Belabes          download

Metaphors for the evolution of the American economy: progressing from the invisible and visible hands to the humanistic hand
John F. Tomer            download

Permanent fiscal deficits are desirable for the high income countries: a note
Leon Podkaminer          download

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