The Reagan-Thatcher revolution started an era of financial de-regulation, in adherence to free market ideology, which continues to this day. This is true despite the hundreds of major and minor financial crises which testify to the inherent instability of the financial system, and the necessity for effective regulation. Regulation and supervision of private commercial banks is the responsibility of Central Banks. To understand this debate in depth, it is useful to study the historical “Evolution of Central Banking“. This is the goal of an ongoing online course, which aims to go through a book by Charles Goodhart on this topic. About 100+ students are registered in the online course, and we have recently finished going through Goodhart Chapter 1 Evolution of Central Banks. In this post, we provide a summary of the six Reader’s Guides numbered RG1, …, RG6, which have been posted about Chapter 1. We will start our study of Chapter 2 one week later.  This is an opportunity for latecomers to join, since they can easily go through the reading of one chapter, together with accompanying readers guides, in one week. Fill out the Google Form History of Central Banks to register for an email discussion group for the course, and to get access to a downloadable copy of the complete book.  read more