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Is this the end of globalisation (as we know it)?

from  Karim Errouaki and WEA Commentaries

The health, economic, social and political crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic will reconfigure the geopolitics of international relations and globalization. We are only at the beginning of this crisis, particularly on the economic and social fronts. Many sectors, such as tourism, transportation and entertainment, will only recover over a very long time; many jobs will be destroyed. In contrast, other sectors are insufficiently developed and cruelly lacking in production. Therefore, we must act now to give the economy a new direction and to harness new engines of development.

French Economist Patrick Artus (2020) argued that the current pandemic and its consequences could precipitate a slowdown in ‘’Globalization’’ or even result in a process of ‘’Deglobalization’’. We can expect to see an acceleration in the structural changes that we have already been seeing in the process of globalization. Indeed, COVID-19 and the way of addressing it is slowing physical globalization down. At the same time, it is also promoting an important digital, online form of globalization.  read more

  1. Harshad Dave
    September 12, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    Generally such calamities and world wars never bring end of the process of globalization, but such a huge calamity might inflict some irreparable harms to the various systems and institutions of our human society. There are all the possibilities that such damages to social systems might create a threat on the vested interests of the capitalistic wolfs. They might try to escape from the above loss. Naturally they are not men of principles and policy when “profit making” is one of the prime constituent of their DNA.
    One of the most likely out come of this calamity of Corona pandemic will be proxy wars among the wolfs where general people might scarcely be aware that the wars are ultimately linked with “the conflicts between/among wealthy people to protect vested interests”.
    If a substantial part of the population strength gets destructed in the anarchy, again the survived finds hope of making living, they bring new social constitution suiting to the felt necessity of the time and society again starts to function with new socio economic formation.

    Study the post world war II life of the societies who actively participated in the war. See what happens in Syria at present. But rest assured there can never be end of the process of globalization even after nuclear war also.
    with regards.

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