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Human rights and fiscal policy: a necessary link

from Grazielle David, Pedro Rossi,and Sergio Chaparro and WEA Commentaries

Human rights and the economy are intrinsically linked issues. There is an important economic dimension to human rights in terms of the resources needed to guarantee rights and how they can be socially allocated for this purpose. On the other hand, human rights are, or should be, an important normative parameter for the organization of activities and the economic system itself. However, the fiscal implications of human rights obligations are not fully systematized and are not regularly considered. This “disconnection” has many negative consequences, which are aggravated in contexts of instability or economic crisis and in the face of fiscal austerity measures.

The evident analytical, academic and political detachment of the two fields may explain the incomprehension and indifference of many professionals in both areas and also in a scarce bibliography that articulates these themes.  read more

  1. September 16, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    When I went to the original article, I could not comment because the stupid captcha was answered incorrectly. There was no captcha.

    My comment was that given the insights of MMT, the article seems only relevant to subnational governments unable to create and issue their own currency. They are more likely to be required to balance fiscal policy with human rights. National currency issuing governments have fewer constraints on their fiscal policy and thus have a greater responsibility.

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