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The Great Lockdown: A WEA online conference – 15th April to 15th May

This conference is open for submissions SUBMIT YOUR PAPER

Aims of the conference

The advent of the global Covid-19 crisis created new challenges for businesses, workers, and policymakers. Their outcomes have transforming implications for all countries, industries, businesses of all sizes, and societies. The Covid-19 twin economic and health crises call for a deep reflection on the forces that will shape the future of the global economy.

In fact the outbreak of Covid-19 and the lockdown policies imposed worldwide generated a global economic crisis which challenges the traditional explanations of economic downturns and the way we are used to understanding and handling business cycles.

This WEA Conference, organized in cooperation with the Center for Market Education (CME, www.marketedu.org) and led by Dr Carmelo Ferlito and Prof Dr Maria Alejandra Madi, aims to discuss recent contributions to the understanding of the Covid-19 economic crisis and its “lockdown” governance in terms of its consequences for policy making, business trends and social challenges. The conference also focuses on bridging the gap between different economic theoretical approaches and the practical applications of economic theories in a pluralist approach.

Topics include (but are not limited to): 

  • The diversity of responses to the global Covid-19 crisis.
  • The Great Lockdown and economic theoretical approaches: advances and challenges.
  • Economics and epidemiology: the twin economic and health crises in retrospect and today.
  • Time Series Data & Data for Prediction in Economics: conceptualization the “normal”.
  • The impact of the Great Lockdown on business transformations, competition and economic growth.
  • The Great Lockdown and the digital economy: the acceleration of disruptive innovations.
  • The Great Lockdown and social inequality: labour, migration, gender and food challenges.
  • Geopolitical outcomes of the Great Lockdown.
  • Building resilience: rethinking economic theories and instruments.
  • The Great Lockdown and the role of experts.
  • Facing a community crisis: centralized vs decentralized answers.
  • Autarkic answers vs free trade policies.

For complete, general guidelines about WEA Online Conferences, please see

Scholarly papers submission

We welcome submissions from scholars working in economics and social sciences, professional economists, business executives and policy makers.

The conference will feature theoretical, econometric, experimental and policy-oriented contributions. The deadline for paper submissions is February 20th, 2021.

Papers (min 3000 – max 10,000 words) should present worked-out ideas on relevant topics. Papers should be written in APA style (Word).

Submissions should be uploaded via the conference support system:

The first page of each submitted paper should follow the template.

Students’ projects submission

We also welcome submissions from students. We suggest students deal with technology in proposing, for example, some infographic/video with different topics:

  • History of Covid-19;
  • Policies implemented in a certain country or group of countries;
  • How a certain economist from the past would explain the post-Covid crisis.

Key dates

Papers submission
February 20th, 2021.

Notification of acceptance
March 15th, 2021.

Discussion Forum
15th April – 15th May 2021.

Conference leaders: Carmelo Ferlito and Maria Alejandra Madi 

This conference is in cooperation with the Center for Market Education
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    The sad thing is that the date of this blog is later than the date for submission of papers.

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