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#96 – Post-Neoliberal Economics

real-world economics review

issue no. 96 – Post-Neoliberal Economics
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The future: Thanks for the memories
Jamie Morgan


Of Copernican revolutions – and the suddenly-marginal marginal mind
at the dawn of the Anthropocene

Richard Parker


Post-economics: Reconnecting reality and morality to escape the Econocene
Richard B. Norgaard


What is economics? A policy discipline for the real world
James K. Galbraith


Beyond indifference: An economics for the future
Lukas Bäuerle


Growth through contraction: Conceiving an eco-economy
William E. Rees


Interrogating the holy grail of productivity growth
Jayati Ghosh


Changing role of neoliberalism across the stages of economic development
Richard C. Koo


Consumerism and the denial of values in economics
Neva Goodwin


Beyond the growth imperative and neoliberal doxa
Max Koch, Jayeon Lindellee and Johanna Alkan Olsson


Writing forward Georgescu-Roegen’s critique of Marx
Katharine N. Farrell


Three possible new paradigms

     Humanistic economics, a new paradigm for the 21st century
     John Komlos          201

     A future social-ecological economics
     Clive L. Spash & Adrien O.T. Guisan          220

     Oikonomics: towards a new paradigm in economics
     Andri W. Stahel          234


Economics 999
Edward Fullbrook


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