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The threat of a pharma-dictatorship

This is an extract from Norbert Häring‘s International Health Regulations: A big step toward a health dictatorship is imminent 12 May 2022 

What the U.S. has in mind here is an authorization for the WHO to immediately take the reins out of the hands of national governments in the event of an actual or alleged health risk from a pathogen and to be able to determine the assessment of the situation and the countermeasures. The US and their allies in this, the EU and Switzerland, are home to most of the major global pharmaceutical companies, To be sure, governments would retain the right to say no. However, this right is greatly devalued by the fact that they can then immediately be pilloried worldwide, either by the WHO or by a single, powerful government, such as that of the USA.

Should it come to the point that the informal sanctions would be augmented by formal sanctions against non-cooperative governments – which is almost to be expected – the governments of all countries, except the strongest, will hardly be able to defend themselves against having foreign teams of experts sent into their country to determine what has to happen.

This dis-empowerment of governments is made all the more dangerous by the fact that the WHO Director-General is allowed to decide on his own authority, based on extremely vague and elastic criteria, when a health emergency of international relevance is declared.

Moreover, the intention, often and clearly expressed by powerful players such as Johns Hopkins University and Bill Gates, to make standard mass testing of all people against all possible known and as yet unknown pathogens the norm, must be taken into the picture. It will then, with the appropriate will, be no problem at all to declare a potential health emergency. With intensive search, new pathogens will often be found that could become dangerous, but by no means have to.

But who could have an interest in declaring health emergencies and initiating – possibly unnecessary – countermeasures?You don’t have to look far for that. Just think of the swine flu “pandemic,” for which the criteria for declaring a pandemic had previously been stripped of the requirement of a large number of deaths. It brought the pharmaceutical companies billions in sales for useless and in some cases dangerous drugs and vaccinations; not to mention the multi-billion profits from the Corona pandemic.

The big Silicon Valley IT corporations will again be at the forefront of the profiteers when contact tracing, the use of digital vaccination cards and, above all, the digitization of the entire health care system are “recommended” in order to contain an actual or alleged health threat.

Since the WHO has been made highly dependent on donations from big corporations and their governmental and non-governmental lobbyists and foundations, it is never far to suspect that its actions take into account the interest of the corporations as a secondary or even main condition. What could be better for these than if the WHO or the USA, or the EU, in the case of the discovery of a new pathogen in any country, can immediately send teams of experts to that region to “recommend”, for example, a mass vaccination with a vaccine from big pharmaceutical companies of the USA or the EU.

Besides, it could serve as an additional geopolitical power tool to be able to threaten weak countries to inflate any pathogen discovered in this country into an international health threat and thus ruin the country’s economy.

Conclusion: Governments that agree to this tightening of international health regulations want to put us even more under the control of the big pharmaceutical and IT corporations. The fact that, until only days before they are to be voted on, no government has publicized and publicly discussed the reform they support suggests that they do not have the welfare of the people in mind and therefore fear headwinds.

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