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real-world economic review

issue no. 101   –   
September 2022

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Two conceptions of the nature of money 
Tony Lawson          2

How power shapes our thoughts
Asad Zaman         20

SARS-CoV-2: The Neoliberal Virus
Imad A. Moosa          27

The giant blunder at the heart of General Equilibrium Theory
Philip George          38

A life in development economics and political economy: An interview with Jayati Ghosh
Jayati Ghosh and Jamie Morgan          44

John Komlos and the Seven Dwarfs
Junaid B. Jahangir          65

A three-dimensional production possibility frontier with stress
John Komlos           76

Free trade theory and reality:
How economists have ignored their own evidence for 100 years

Jeff Ferry          83

The choice of currency and policies for an independent Scotland:
A debate through the lenses of different economic paradigms

Alberto Paloni          90

End Matter 107

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