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new issue of RWER


real-world economics review

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Issue no. 102
18 December 2022

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Ecological Economics in Four Parables
Herman Daly          2

The Paradigm in the Iron Mask:
Toward an Institutional Ecology of Ecological Economics

Gregory A. Daneke         16 

The Towering Problem of Externality-Denying Capitalism
Duncan Austin          30 

Have We Passed Peak Capitalism?
Blair Fix          55

A Probabilistic Theory of Supply and Demand
John Komlos          89

Unicorn, Yeti, Nessie, and Neoclassical Market
– Legends and Empirical Evidence

Ibrahim Filiz, Jan René Judek, Marco Lorenz, Markus Spiwoks          97

On the Efficacy of Saving
George H. Blackford          119

Occupation Freedoms: Comparing Workers and Slaves
M. S. Alam          137

Book Review: Steve Keen, (2021) The New Economics: A Manifesto
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan          156

Book Review: Fullbrook, E. and Morgan, J. (2020)
Modern Monetary Theory and its Critics

Junaid B. Jahangir          164

End Matter          171

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