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On the benefits — and dangers — of reading

from Lars Syll

Amazon.fr - A la recherche du temps perdu, tome 1 : Du côté de chez Swann -  Proust, Marcel, Tadié, Jean-Yves - LivresAs long as reading is for us the instigator whose magic keys have opened the door to those dwelling-places deep within us that we would not have known how to enter, its role in our lives is salutary.  It becomes dangerous, on the other hand, when, instead of awakening us to the personal life of the mind, reading tends to take its place, when the truth no longer appears to us as an ideal which we can realize only by the intimate progress of our own thought and the efforts of our heart, but as something material, deposited between the leaves of books like a honey fully prepared by others and which we need only take the trouble to reach down from the shelves of libraries and then sample passively in a perfect repose of mind and body.

  1. László Kulin
    March 30, 2023 at 11:15 am

    I love reading books. I used to spend weeks searching and reading books in university libraries. I realized a very interesting thing. I put 2 books side by side. One was written in 1930, the other today. It was the same theme, yet I didn’t understand the new book. So different and differentiated has become the scientific language. On the other hand, experts before 1945 were much more direct and to the point: they were analog people, purposeful. I also recommend everyone to read books from before 1945.
    László Kulin
    social expert

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