It is always interesting to read what people say in response to what you write.  It is also always educational.  I enjoy the learning.

I recently wrote a short piece meant to be a little on the light side pondering the odd comparison of the use of the word essential in our vernacular understanding of it, and the way in which standard economic theory suggests we compute our various levels of worth.  I quoted J.B. Clark with respect to this latter point.  I made the point that Clark’s method is still the most well-worn within economic theory.

And then I was criticized for not reading enough economics to understand that there is no such thing as “economic theory”; there are, I was admonished, a large number of such theories, and that we are all entitled to pick and choose between them.  There was then mention of a number of economists who all sit outside the framework of standard economics and have been critics to one degree or another of it.  The implication was that I am unaware of these good folk otherwise I wouldn’t look at economics through the prism of having a central set of ideas that I , presumably erroneously, refer to as “standard economics”.

Well, allow me respectfully to re-assert my belief that there is, indeed, such a thing as standard economics.