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Food World

November 10, 2012 Leave a comment

from Jayati Ghosh

Food represents human cultures like nothing else: not only because food is the most basic humanneed, but also because throughout history human societies have been determined by theinteraction with its production and in turn used food to express themselves in ways that go far beyond what is required for mere existence. So it is no surprise that even as societies get more affluent and more secure about ensuring basic subsistence food supplies, their fascination with food in various forms does not cease. Indeed, in some ways, this fascination gets even more entrenched and convoluted, as various food cultures are used to express class and other social differences.

The explosion in the food industry across the world is a feature of globalisation that is clearly based on commercial considerations but is also rapidly generating cultural changes. The early phase of this expansion was marked by the rapid proliferation of multinational fast food chains and aggressive marketing of “new” food products to mass markets in the developing world, along with extensions of geographical sourcing of food products that drew even the most remote corners of the world into complex supply chains. Read more…

Chart of the day: USA food stamps

August 6, 2011 3 comments

from David Ruccio

Food stamp usage in the United States is, once again, at an all-time high: 45,753,078 individuals and 21,581,234 households participated in SNAP during May 2011.  Read more…

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