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Issue no. 71 of the real-world economics review

June 8, 2015

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Issue no. 71 , 28 May 2015

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Two proposals for creating a parallel currency in Greece                                                   

A program proposal for creating a complementary currency in Greece
Trond Andresen and Robert W. Parenteau          download pdf

Updated proposal for a complementary currency for Greece
Alan Harvey          download pdf

China’s communist-capitalist ecological apocalypse 
Richard Smith          download pdf

Trends in US income inequality 
Pavlina R. Tcherneva          download pdf

The market economy: Theory, ideology and reality 
C. T. Kurien          download pdf

Explaining money creation by commercial banks
Ib Ravn          download pdf

Realist Econometrics? – Nell and Errouaki’s, Rational Econometric Man 
Jamie Morgan          download pdf

Who does the state work for? – Geopolitics and global finance 
Tijo Salverda         download pdf

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