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The New York Times has not heard of China’s (or Russia’s) vaccines

from Dean Baker

I guess it is hard to get news at the world’s leading newspapers, but this lengthy podcast on Bill Gates and his efforts to make vaccines available to the developing world never once mentioned the vaccines developed by China or Russia. This is more than a bit incredible because at this point, far more of the Russian and Chinese vaccines are going to developing countries than the vaccines supplied by Western countries through COVAX, the international consortium set up the WHO and supported by the Gates Foundation.

Are New York Times reporters prohibited from talking about the Chinese and Russian vaccines?

This piece is also incredible in that it explicitly says that because Gates doesn’t want the government-granted patent monopoly system of financing from being challenged, there is no alternative. That could well be true, but it speaks to the incredible corruption of our politics and our economy, that because one incredibly rich person to opposed to having a corrupt, inefficient, and antiquated system reformed, it will not be reformed.

  1. March 5, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    Yes, the idea that oligarchs tell the people of America what to do has become boringly old-fashioned. Constituents of a society are bound by solidarity in a goal to live well while caring for Earth and a healthy future. Oligarchs prey on society and are therefor not social constituents. Modern expressions of Latin American constituent power exist forever at the center of state power it constitutes. Study there to see where social evolution is headed and why the reality of advanced Chinese, Cuban and Russian medicine is not discussed.

  2. Appalled and powerless
    March 6, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Have you submitted these comments to the NYT Opinion Editor? I do hope you have already or will. The paper and the public need to know the facts you present and your solid economics rationale regarding the US patent laws. And, you have standing to take on the biased reporting so that your comments should be published. As an NYT subscriber, I also have noticed and find abhorrent the paper’s uncritical coverage of Silicon Valley celebrity thugs. The NYT is very brash in putting forward the Silicon Valley titans’ propaganda misinformation: for example, antigovernment strawmen arguments and many failures of complete coverage such as touting social service startups in “philanthropic entrepreneurship” but failing to explain the entrepreneurship element that makes social services organizations equivalent to video game companies, as well as the points you make about vaccines. I have made objections to the NYT, seemingly lost in cyberspace. The NTY needs to hear from many more critics of this serious bias.

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