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Graph of the day. Sectoral employment in the EU

In the fourth quarter of 2014 employment (measured in persons) in the Euro area was still 4,5 million below the level in the fourth quarter of 2008. In the non-Euro countries, employment has increased a little in this period. The main difference between the two areas: considering the fact that the population of the non-Euro area (dominated by the UK, Poland and Romania) is (very roughly) half the size of the population of the Euro area the graph shows that the decrease of employment in sectors like manufacturing and construction was, relatively, roughly as large in the non-Euro area as in the Euro area. The increases in employment in sectors like hospitality and education were however much larger than in the non-Euro area – sometimes even in an absolute sense! Only the health and social sector did really well, in the Euro area. Mind that the growth sectors shown in the graph are, except for hospitality, mainly dependent on domestic demand.


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