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issue no. 76 of the Real-World Economics Review

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Negative interest rates or 100% reserves: alchemy vs chemistry          2
Herman Daly          download pdf

Why negative interest rate policy is ineffective and dangerous          5
Thomas I. Palley          download pdf 

Japan’s liquidity trap          15
Tanweer Akram          download pdf

Paul Romer’s assault on ‘post-real’ macroeconomics          43
Lars Pålsson Syll          download pdf                                                                                     

Another reason why a steady-state economy will not be a capitalist economy          55
Ted Trainer          download pdf

Using regression analysis to predict countries’ economic growth:          65
illusion and fact in education policy
Nelly P. Stromquist            download pdf 

Can a country really go broke?   Deconstructing Saudi Arabia’s macroeconomic crisis          75
Sashi Sivramkrishna           download pdf                                                                                                  

Reconsideration of the Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis          95
Ewa Anna Witkowska          download pdf

Industrial policy in the 21st century: merits, demerits and how can we make it work          109
Mohammad Muaz Jalil          download pdf

Review Essays

Review of James Galbraith, Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice          124
Michael Hudson          download pdf

A travesty of financial history – which bank lobbyists will applaud          129
Michael Hudson           download pdf


Capitalism, corporations and ecological crisis: a dialogue concerning Green Capitalism          136
Richard Smith, William Neil and Ken Zimmerman          download pdf

Board of Editors, past contributors, submissions and etc.             146

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