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Suspension of my blog “RussEurope” by OpenEdition

from Jacques Sapir

Dear all, 

Hypothese.org and Open Edition have suspended the access to my blog RussEurope. I can’t write anymore on my blog. In a short letter posted to my blog the Open Edition director, Mr Marin Dacos, explains that this measure is a reaction to the fact my last post are no more “academic”. Actually, I posted various kind of paper, from long technical papers to short pieces since the very beginning of my blog. Hence a post dating from September 22nd 2012 giving a good example of the “political” content of some posts of mine (https://russeurope.hypotheses.org/113).

The accusation of using the blog as a pure political space is false and actually masking the fact that it is impossible to write in economics and political science without getting involved in political polemics. I had ever respected the Open Edition charter and specifically its chapter 10 defining the rights and obligations of authors.

The fact that Mr Dacos is now, since early July an adviser to a director of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in the French government, could explain why this sanction against me has been taken. At the very least there is a conflict of interest between his position of director of Open edition and his new function of Minister’s advisor.

Quite probably of course the very success of my blog, which jumped from 26000 monthly connexions to more than 200 000 monthly connexions could explain why what was thought to be “tolerable” in 2012 is no more by 2017 under Mr Macron’s rule. 

This suspension amounts to an act of arbitrariness and an act of politically motivated censorship.

 I have already received support from different French professors, including Mrs Giavarini (literature and Philosophy, university of Bourgogne), Dominique Lecourt (philosophy), Pierre-André Taguieff (History and Philosophy), Stephane Rials (International Law), some Italian professors (like Alberto Bagnai, Benedetto Ponti), or English professors (Brigitte Granville) and many others. I solemnly ask Mr Dacos and his hierarchical superior at the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Mr Alain Beretz to let me have again a full access to RussEurope.

 You could send your protests to Mr Dacos (marin.dacos@openedition.fr) and to Mr Beretz (alain.beretz@recherche.gouv.fr).

 Best regards
 Jacques Sapir


Directeur d’études
Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Directeur du CEMI-EHESS
54 Bd Raspail – Bur. 335
Tel: (33) 01 40 48 65 31
75006 Paris

  1. SH
    October 1, 2017 at 12:09 am

    Another example of the increasing control of “the internet” by the “rich folks” who are threatened by ideas that don’t square with their interests, and who are, in fact, in control of it – something that was/is entirely foreseeable and has suggested to me for some time now that we really do need to revert to the “old ways” – the way Thomas Paine spread his “Common Sense” which helped spark a revolution long before the internet was a gleam in anyone’s eye ….

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