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RWER no. 84 – special issue

Special issue on the public economy and a new public economics

download whole issue

edited by Michael Bernstein and June Sekera

Reconstructing a public economics: markets, states and societies          2
Michael A. Bernstein          download pdf

There is more than one economy          16
Neva Goodwin         download pdf

The public economy: understanding government as a producer.          36
A reformation of public economics
June Sekera         download pdf

Economic benefits of public services          100
David Hall and Tue Anh Nguyen          download pdf

Bureaucracy shouldn’t be a dirty word:
the role of people-responsive bureaucracy in a robust public economy          154
Janine R. Wedel          download pdf

The need for a new public administration          170
James K. Galbraith          download pdf

Industrial policy, then and now          178
Victoria Chick         download pdf

Putting the nation-state back in: public economics and the global economy          189
Michael Lind          download pdf

The entrepreneurial state: socializing both risks and rewards          201
Mariana Mazzucato          download pdf

Board of Editors, past contributors, submissions, etc.          218

  1. José M. Sousa
    June 23, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    «As a result, within the American-led Triad, the U.S. runs chronic merchandise trade surpluses with Germany, Japan, South Korea, and other allies» In the essay of Michael Lind, shouldn´t it be “deficits” in this sentence?

  2. David Harold Chester
    June 23, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    Neva Goodwin is quite right and there indeed is more than one economy. However it is possible to combine them into one general picture and I have achieved this in my short working paper SSRN 2865571 “Einstein’s Criterion applied to Logical Macroeconomics Modeling”. Its on the internet and its reference book can be obtained by writing to me chesterdh@hotmail.com At last its a true science!

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